Global Talent Search 2014


After waffling for weeks about whether or not I should even enter, I had such a great time creating my entry for Global Talent Search 2014! Hundreds of aspiring surface pattern designers just like me are vying for the chance to be represented by Lilla Rogers Studio for two yearsnothing short of a life-changing opportunity. Assignment 1 was to create a piece of 7x9 wall art with a terrarium theme, incorporating at least one word into the design. Based on our entries for the first round, Lilla Rogers herself will choose 50 participants to advance to the second round (to be announced next Tuesday, August 26th)!

Word choice: After playing with a long list of options, I settled on “grow your own way.” If you’ve been following this blog for any time at all, you know I have a weakness for wordplay, and that phrase was especially relevant for me for this project. Even if I don’t make it to the next round, I want to feel as if I can hold my own among all these talented surface designers. The temptation to design for maximum mass appeal is undeniable, for me and probably a lot of other participants. But in the end, if I want to be truly proud of my work, I know it must be authentically mine. I just have to “grow my own way.”

Typography: I used Ed Roman from the Ed Benguiat font collection by House Industries. It adds an understated element of whimsy and mid-century charm, without distracting from the artwork.

Textures and colors: I made an effort to include a variety of textures into my work, giving it more depth and dimension; my usual flat style is well-suited for fabric design, but wall art should be interesting enough to justify the nail hole needed to hang it. Color-wise, I stuck to my signature palette; no need to shake everything up at once ;)


Inspiration: This is the first formal mood board I have ever created. Thank you, Global Talent Search/Lilla Rogers Studio, for inspiring me to up my game a little! And thank you, Rex Ray, for being the lighthouse that guided me to shore, preventing me from drowning in an endless sea of ideas and inspiration.


An aside: After stumbling upon some Rex Ray artwork in a local gift shop, I was smitten - how had I never heard of this guy before??? Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock (inside of a terrarium).


Make it in Design: Designer Interview


I’m very excited to share my interview with Make it in Design, which is up on their blog today! 

In the Spotlight: Herb Garden

Theresa Rizzuto, the very talented designer and sewist behind Black Licorice Goods, recently shared a tutorial for a DIY garden kneeling pad on the Spoonflower blog. I was both surprised and delighted to discover that she had chosen my Herb Garden fabric for the demo! I love knowing that my creations are being put to good use :)


Want more? Follow Theresa on Instagram: @theresarizz

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Alternate title: “Not Watermelons”

For the next few weeks, I’ll be participating in Summer School, a series of surface design assignments created and hosted by Make It In Design. I’ll be in good company, with about 5,000 other pattern-loving participants working along three different tracks: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. “Aqua Bliss” emerged from a happy accident during my design exploratory for the first assignment. Stay tuned for more Summer School updates!

Came across an old doodle of mine, and thought it would make an owldorable print! Owls are the new owl, after all.

Hello from gorgeous Isle of Palms, SC! I’m on vacation, but Pattern of the Week is not :)

When I began this design, I swore I wasn’t gonna make it girly. Lesson learned: don’t make promises you can’t keep. When I began this design, I swore I wasn’t gonna make it girly. Lesson learned: don’t make promises you can’t keep.

When I began this design, I swore I wasn’t gonna make it girly. Lesson learned: don’t make promises you can’t keep.

My Fabulous Feathered Foyer

Since becoming a homeowner in February, I’ve been exercising my freedom to decorate any way I want. Some might say I’ve been over-exercising that freedom, but I have no plans to stop. I wanted to share the latest not-so-subtle touch I’ve added, because I know you love patternsotherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? 

Our entryway is a tiny space, about 5’ wide by 4’ deep. It’s also the first room any guests will encounter, so I wanted it to be noteworthy. Is it safe to say my mission has been accomplished?


I used wallpaper from Spoonflower, printed with this gorgeous black and white “Feathers" design by cherii.

This was my first experience hanging patterned, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper; I recently put up beadboard wallpaper in my dining room, but that’s another story, for another day blog. I love that the Spoonflower wallpaper is self-adhesive - basically, you just soak it in water and apply. Because the space was tight, with lots of doorways and tiny slivers of wall to work around, it was a slow process. But, it was absolutely worth it in the endI couldn’t be happier with the results!


The coat hooks, for those who are curious, are from Target. Select stores are carrying a line of wall decor items by Young House Love, like the mix-and-match, pre-drilled board and hook set you see in the photo above. The board comes unfinished, so you can paint or stain it to match your existing decor. I promise this is not a paid endorsement; I just thought these products were fun and affordable, and worth mentioning in case you’d like your own :)


I still can’t believe they stuffed a coat closet into this space. At some point, it was converted into the “HVAC ductwork closet,” hence the need for coat hooks. No doubt central heating and air is worth the sacrifice.

Thanks for indulging me in a little domestic show-and-tell. See you again on Monday!